Invisible Woman Blues

I like things a little too dark.
This is how life has been treating me lately.

Im surrounded by demons and forced to commit murder on my future and dreams.

Sorry for the sorrrow, Im having an extreme FML moment.

This is how life has been treating me lately.

Im surrounded by demons and forced to commit murder on my future and dreams.

Sorry for the sorrrow, Im having an extreme FML moment.

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If you do not like Showgirls, then:

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I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly.

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Carnival of Souls

On this cloudly morning, I appropriately watch Carnival of Souls. Being a major influence for David Lynch and George Romero, I was highly anticipating it. The score is incredibly eerie, is the same throughout the movie. It is a organ score that screeches and leaves a mystic feeling to viewers and guides the characters through a labyrinth of souls and inner conflict. The cinematography includes one of the most haunting national landmarks, the Saltair Pavilion. 

The story begins with three young women driving as they pull up to an intersection. At the intersection a young man suggests that they race each other over a rickety bridge. The young women agree, Mary Henry, reluctantly does. The 30 mph race begins and we see a slow but expected crash. The car carrying the three young women is plunged into the stream below.

The only survivor Mary, climbs out alive but bloody. We then learn that she is a strange apathetic organ player. She takes a new job in the state of Utah and leaves for some unknown reason late at night. While driving a face of a man appears menacingly in her passenger window. It then appears in front of her car forcing her off the road. Frazzled she pulls over to a gas station and finds her room in a boarding house. She has a brief encounter with the same man from the highway, and tells the boarding home owner that she is being followed. 

She then learns that the building in the distance was once a bath house, but then was a carnival that was abandoned. In her boarding house she makes herself comfortable and goes to her job at the church. The churchgoers and people who work there are mystified by her playing of the organ. They become transfixed and smile at her talent. 

That night she returns to her boarding house and is greeted by her neighbor. Mr. Linden. He’s a pervert, drunk, and extremely forward man. Mary being passive is nice, but insults him directly to his face when he bring her coffee and whiskey for breakfast. She then tries to ignore this and goes shopping in town. There is experiences deafness and no one in town acknowledges her presence terrified by this experience, she then gets a drink of water and is then stalked by the man again.

Dr. Samuels sees her and takes her to his office to have her calm down. After she is calm she returns to her job as the church organist. She begins to play quite a sexy tune and the man appears with many other ghouls and she starts to dance in her seat. Her boss sees and has her fired for her “Profaness”. 

Mary does not want to be alone because her fear of the man has grown immensely. She allows her gross neighbor, Mr. Linden to dinner. At dinner he tried to get her drunk and invites himself into her room. After they return to her room she begins to tell him of her fear of the man. He then tries to force himself on her, and see the man in the mirror!

Mr. Linden is convinced she is crazy and leaves her room. Mary finally realizes that the only way to escape the stalking of the man is to leave town. Her cars transmission becomes fried so she decides to take a bus to get out. At the bus station she experiences deafness and runs onto the first boarding bus. She finds it full of ghouls and runs to Dr. Samuels office where he himself becomes the man.

She then wakes up from a dream and drives straight to the pavilion to confront the man once and for all. There she is greeted by eerie organ music and sees a ball of ghouls dancing around. She then sees the man dancing with a ghoulish version of herself. She screams and tries to escape and runs straight for the ocean. There the ghouls close in on her.

She disappears and only her footprints are found. No one knows what happened to Mary. Back in her hometown the car from the crash is finally pulled to the surface and Mary’s body is in the front seat.

So what can we conclude from this? This is what I think. Mary did not escape the crash at the beginning. She died and for some reason her soul escaped going to the other side. She was then beckoned to the abandoned carnival by “the man” or death. The man was simply trying to bring her back to the other side.

This is by no means a new plot twist. Many filmmakers still use this twist and it has been extremely successful. This version though is the most sophisticated.